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Volume 1-number1

Consumer Protection From Islamic Perspective.-

A Future Vision To Develop The private Section In U.A.E-

Insecticides and Fungicides and Their Effects-

Planning for the Preparation of adult education teachers in U.A.E-



Volume 1-number2


- Genetic Engineering - Cloning.

- The Major commercial Fisher of the Arabian Gulf TheirSpecies, Reproduction and Fisheries

-Kindergarten in GCC States.



Volume 2-number1


-Water Strategic Security In The Arabian Gulf ( U.A.E As case study)

-The Role of Social Institution in the Cultural Interaction.

-The Problem of Dialogue In Arabic Novelistic Writing.

-Private higher Education and It's Role in the society.



Volume 2-number2

-Instruction Curriculum and it's Role on Improving Creative Thinking Skills

-A study of the Values and life of Qatari Society as they Appear in it's Folk Literature

-Social Development in the Rual/Nomadic Areas.



Volume 3-number1

-Training Educationalist in Cooperative Council of Gulf Countries

-Major Pests and Diseases of Date Palm Trees in Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) Countries

-UAE Short Story-(Magical Realism Model)



Volume 3-number2

-Women In The Gulf and Work Problem.

-The non-Governmental Organizations & Globalization.

-Dissertation summary: Inter-textuality in the Classical Arabic Criticism



Volume 4-number1

- The Consequences of Climate change on the GCC countries and  Mitigation Policies

-The Plague of our Age.

-Juveniles Crimes and Ways of Prevention.



Volume 4-number2

- The Climate change Caused by Human Beings & it's Environmental Effect

Crimes under globalization..Variables and invariables.-

Cracks in the Self and tyranny of the Other.-



Volume 5-number1

- Bird Flue and means of prevention

- Males abstinence from education specialization and studies.

-Road traffic Accidents in the U.A.E


Volume 5-number2

-A vian Influenza (Bird Flue)

- The Lack of Desire of UAE National Males in Teaching Profession-Analytical Study

- E-learning Obstacles in Using (WebCT) and (Moodle) Programs from Students' View Points in the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University



Volume 6-number1

- The rehabilitation of Fasht Al Adham.

-Teaching throughout foreign languages and their impact on the Educational process


Volume 6-number2

-Wildlife in the Gulf states and ways of their development.

-Electronic Crimes Related to Common Morales and Society Institutions Roles in Confronting them

- Alienation among Palestinian Academic Lecturers field study about alienation most prominent characteristics, resources, and behavioral choices for confronting it



Volume 7-number1

-Preservatives added to the food and it's effect on the health.

-Annathrilat (Prose-Trochee) Poeam

A reading in the Rhythmic Structure of Models of (Prose-Trochee)Poetry

-Household detergents probable health hazards.



Volume 7-number2

-The prevailed pattern of socialization of the Palestinian Family from the Perspective of the Students of Al-Aqsa University

-Effectiveness of Using Quality Management System(ISO9001) In Developing Managerial Units' Performance in the Ministry of Education in Jordan, and their Satisfaction Degree of this System from the Employees' point of View

-Evaluating the effectiveness of using retrieval applications of digital information in e-learning management systems for supporting Education




Volume 8-number1

-The Role of University in attaining intellectual Security.

-History and Interpretation of the world western intellectuals and aworeness of the major transformations

-Conception- Importance Main stays Conditions.



Volume 8-number2

-The Literary address between Phrasing and goal in Ancient Arabic Criticism A Critical Study in "Al Bayan & Al Tabyeen" for Al-Gahiz

- Efficiency of using Slaven Strategy in The Development of Motivation towards Learning Music Education for Grade Five Girl Students in Basic School in UAE

-The Means Of Formulating In The Literary Dictionaries Formworks And Standards



Volume 9-number1




T-The narrator status in the UAE folk stories


e-Detection of Hazelnut in Different Food products by using PCR-ELISA Technique

t-The peer Review Quality of Research in Social Sciences Empirical Study



Volume 9-number2


p-Proposed Mechanisms to Evaluate Graduate Studies Programs

t-Towards an Integral Strategy for the Design of Training Programmes for Teachers of Mathematics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

n-Nan Medicine...Prospects and risks

t-The Degree of Practicing Administrative Creativity by Educational Leaders in Irbid Educational Directorates as Perceived by them





e-Effect of Software & Study Unit on Raising Cancer Awareness Among 10th Grade Students in Gaza.A

s-Students 'views of their practice of academic freedom in King Faisal university in Alhasa.a

t-The Process of Meaning Production in Cinematographic Narration Theoretical Approach.a




- The classical and colloquial language in the narrative and dramatical dialogue.

- Computer program For Translating spoken and written language into the unified Arab sign language for the deaf.

- The punishment for the person who is accused of inciting murder in Islamic Jurisprudence.

- Rich Vocabulary Instruction and the Reality of Teaching English Department.





   c-A proposed Educational Strategy for Increasing the value Added by using Knowledge Management at Public School in Irbid government in Jordan.c


a-Tedega,Tobou Language Intermediate stage between Afro Asiatic and Nilo-Saharan (Etymological Study).c

c-Educational indication of the features of scientific miracle in sunnah "Words of anger as a model".c

c-The global economic crisis Finance crisis or the system crisis?c

c-Knowledge and attitude of primary school teachers about the emergency management of dental trauma in the Emirate of Ajman.c





   i-The effectiveness of using self-explanations strategy in physical concepts achievement and its related problem solving at the first grade in the secondary


i-Self-reported oral health, oral hygiene habits and dental service utilization among pregnant woman in United Arab Emirates

i- Educational trends in the Holy Quran to "Bani"of Israel


i-Mechanisms of social work in Developing Traffic Awareness among university students:Applied Reasrch at Sultan Qaboos university

i-The Role of New Media in Activate the Community participation in Fighting crimes:U.A.E case study





a-Administrative leadership in public libraries in the Greater Cairo area:Afiels Study.a

a-Blended Learning vs.Ordnary Teaching:A Comparative study of the Achievement of Arab Open University and Zaytoona Private University pre-service teachers with Regard to concepts of probability and Statistics.a

a-Translation Competencies:An Empirical Study.a

a-Aquacultur in the Islamic curriculum and its effects applied to address the problem of water.a




a-Engagement and its Islamic, legal, and traditional perspectives in UAE.a

a-Context approach and the text significance Pattern study in the ends of Qura nic verses.a

a-The Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Jordan According to Their Mothers in The Light of Some Variables.a

 a-Evaluation of land use in Malka NW Jordan using remote sensing and GIS.a

a-Towards A Unified Theory for Information Systems Success.a

a-Political Participation in the Election of the Federal National Council  Towards Building Voting Model in the United Arab Emirates.a

a-To build talking electronic dictionary for libraries and Information Science using multimedia programs: Applied research.a

a-The Effect of   Distance Training Program with the Aid of Virtual Classrooms in the Development of Electronic Evaluation Skills and Attitudes toward Distance Training of the Faculty Members.a




- Career Guidance Effect in Oman From Career advisors viewpoint.- The Challenges of Using Sociological Research in Policy Making in the Arab World:An Empirica; Study. a 

- Structure of the Imaginary and Alive Reference in the NovelAlbabAltaref

[The Last Door] by Abeer Ali: A Semiotic Reading.

- The effectiveness of the use of Mind Maps and mental approach to the development of cognitive skills and educational design and production of multimedia computer programs in a sample of students from the Technology Education.

- Imamate in Islamic thought between rooting and hyperbole.

- Role of Universities' Activities in Exploring and Developing Leadership Skills among

(the University student: A Case Study of Jazan University (K.S.A .

- Muslim schools as a form of faith schooling in Britian: the rationale and challenges.

- The Euphemism and Taboo in Quran-Sociolinguistic Study.



The Effect of Technology for Behavioral Training Program in Students Treatment for Speech Disorders

    Requirements for Appling Administrative Creativity within the Project of Automating Egyptian Universities Libraries

Development of Low Cost Nano-structured Cementitious Plastering for Reducing Energy Demand of Residential Buildings in Saudi Arabia

The Effect of a Training Program for the Development of Thinking based on Wisdom in Improving Coping Strategies to Solve Stressful Problems for the University Students

Assisting Financially-Distressed Businesses in Accordance with the UAE Draft Law on Business Reorganization and Bankruptcy

Assessing Women Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia: Strategies for Success

Execution Beyond Hudud Laws and Retribution , An Investigation into Islamic-Legitimate Repertory

The reality of applying modern techniques of cost management in the Palestinian industrial companies

The Effect of Using Learning Cycle (Bybee 5E's Model) and V-shape Map on Students' Achievement in Chemistry Among Grade 10 Students in the United Arab Emirates




Provision of human organs using physical cloning technique-

-The increasing consumption of chips packets and its gangers on the environment with pupils of Muharraq Girls Primary School for the school year 2012-2013

-The effectiveness of using Incubation Model of Creative Teaching and Learning (TIM) in physical concepts achievement, Scientific Processes Skills and Scientific Creativity for the first year secondary students

-(Mirrors butterfly and its fire) Insights in the modern poem of Gulf, its language and its openness to different races and arts

Digital library and its role in the development of e-learning in the UAE

The impact of supply chain competencies on supply chain agility: Examining the mediating role of supply chain capabilities in Almanaseer Group.

-A Strategic Vision for the Management of future school in the third Millennium in the Arab Gulf States

-The Relationship between Muslim and Non-Muslim In Islamic Perspective between The theoretical bases and the practical applications

-Mutah University staff attitudes towards the crime of human



-The jurisprudence of the budget and its impact on medical   developments

-Takseer pluralities between the basic and the text

-Collaborative Authoring Content Management Systems (Wiki)

-Teaching practices of teachers of schoolgirls with intellectual disabilities in the light of learning theories

-Smart fiber to produce fabrics with functionality for bed sores

-The role of cities in the knowledge intellectual capital

-Narrative luring in (SERAT AlMONTAHA)

-Terms of arbitration in Islamic Fiqh

-The degree of school Administrative empowerment and its Obstacles as seen by School Principals' in Al-hassa Government

-An Evaluation of the Saudi Community Institutions Roles in Enhancing Citizenship to Confront Intellectual Extremism and Terrorism 

Volume15- Number1 

activating the role of technology in differential education -

-Prophet Management, and its impact on building the Islamic State

Autofiction as a new litterature genre -

-Job Burnout among Teachers of Public Schools that Integrated Students with Special Educational Needs in Ordinary Classes in the Tulkarm Governorate

-The effect of using the Web Quest strategy across the web In the collection of knowledge development and the survival of the impact of learning and direction So on a sample of students at the University of Umm Al-Qura

-The impact of the usage of flipped learning on Sci-11th grade students grades in Mathematics

-Traditional heritage in short story In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(a study in chosen patterns)

-Job Burnout among Teachers of Public Schools that Integrated Students with Special Educational Needs in Ordinary Classes in the Tulkarm Governorate

Volume15- Number2

-use of Industrial Waste in Saudi Arabia for the Production of Eco-friendly Cementitious Materials

-the relationship between rationality and irrationality ideas and thinking styles to th final section of secondary students-

-The Narratee In The Arab Folktales

-Economic Diversification in Uae and its role in economic growth

-Interpretation Legality in Perceiving the Qur'aanic Text 

in the Light of Syntatic Rules.

-The application of seaweed extract and plant growth regulators producing bacteria to promote the growth of Salicornia bigelovii in the United Arab Emirates under greenhouse and field conditions.

-Study of everse

The Messenger said: MyLord My Own People Had made this Quran an object of laughter

- determinants Violation of  academic integrity standards to undergraduate and Graduate students  in Saudi Arabia

-Impact of using Eloctronic Project-based Learning Objects in teaching chemistry on seventh grade students achievement and evaluation of that by teachers, students and parents

-Islamic View of Human Rights during War

Volume16- Number1

-Recognition and reporting of child physical abuse: a survey of dental students inUnited Arab Emirates

Strategy of Darkness Discourse in Yael Darkness by the novelist: Mohammed Al-GharbiAmran, aSemiotic Approach

-Evaluation Of Some Cognitive Factors Among Intermediate School Student In Jeddah City Within Their Academic Achievement Variance

Effectiveness of setting vehicle fuel economy standards in reducing transport CO2 emissions in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Metaphor's speech in the narrative Study group "young leaves since he lived a thousand years"to the beayty of Ghitany.

The Development Mechanisms Of The Stuff Performance In The Service Organizations

(Case Study On One Of Saudi Universities)

in Islamic In achieving security and crime prevention The role of preventive measures society.

Emirati women empowerment: Vision of State leadership and strategy of a State.

Diglossia ( Bilingualness) and Its Impact on Arab Nations Culture.

Threats of social networking sites to the intellectual security as perceived by university students, and mechanisms of facing them

 (field study)

Volume16- Number2




























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