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Ajman Journal of Studies and Research

Ajman Journal of Studies and Research (AJSR) is a biannual peer reviewed periodical  journal.  It will publish original humanitarian, social and scientific articles. The journal is published by Rashed Ben Humaid Award for Culture and Science which was established on 1983 to participate in cultural and scientific development in UAE and the entire GCC states through reviving the spirit of competition among GCC nationals and residents by encouraging scientific research.



1 - To publish serious and original studies and researches to enrich knowledge.

2 - To enhance scientific and intellectual relationship among researchers and students, and to achieve continuous scientific and cultural  links with other scientific bodies, specialized centers, universities and colleges.

3 - To deal with and tackle humanitarian and scientific issues in The UAE  and Arabian Gulf region.

4 - To introduce new researches, references, recent data bases, scientific conferences and symposiums, and MSc and Ph. D dissertations.

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